Welcome to Ed O'Rourke dot Net!

I'm a Web Developer, percussion enthusiast, and father of two amazing boys. I live in the Chicago area, although I was born in NYC and grew up in Brockton, Massachusetts. I've been working in web and media development since shortly after I graduated from DePaul in 2011 with a BS in Interactive Media Development. You can see my former experience on my resume.

In Massachusetts, I worked for Continental Cablevision, in their local programming dept. It was through that experience I learned a great deal about shooting and editing video. I first became interested in web technology as early as 1997. I learned the basics of HTML and maintained a personal, hosted website. After exploring possibilities in the acting world, and working various temp jobs, I decided to return to web in a more serious way in 2007. I enrolled at DePaul University's School for New Learning, and the College of Digital Media. I studied there while working full-time until I graduated in the Spring of 2011.

I had originally moved to the Chicago area in 1996, specifically to study and perform acting and improv, which I did for many years at various theaters in the city. I was also a commercial actor for a couple of years just before my kids were born. If you're at all curious about that, you can see some of my ads here.

This change of career was not easy to pull off, but I've been very determined, and have accomplished some very challenging and enjoyable assignments in the past few years. And I'm eager to take on whatever comes next.

In the DePaul tradition, I've fully embraced the concept of lifelong learning. And I believe web development is a field that is perfectly suited for that philosophy. With technologies evolving constantly, recognizing yourself as a student every day is essential.

My 13+ years of learning, performing and coaching theatrical improvisation have shown me the value of listening, responding thoughtfully, and building collboratively within a group that has enhanced every aspect of my life. I'm someone who's always willing to share knowledge and assist co-workers and others in areas I've studied or practiced. By the same token, I rely on them in the same way. Despite it sounding like an old cliché, communication absolutely is the key.

If you're looking to fill a position in your organization with someone who's a highly enthusiastic, team-oriented problem-solver, and who'll bring donuts the first day*, feel free to contact me at yesanded@gmail.com.

* Seriously. Who could pass that up?